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23 June 2011 @ 12:05 am
List of things I wanna do.  

so this list would go on and on....

1) Play ping-pong with Junsu.
2) Spy on my colleagues/friends.
3) Be the ultimate DBSK fan so Changmin would love me.
4) Learn a k-dance and master it.
5) Buy something from gmarket.com.sg/gmarket.co.kr
6) Learn the piano (!!! I really need a new instrument to learn)
7) Cook foreign dishes.
8) Be the 6th member of Bigeast.
9) Be the 6th member of Cassiopeia.
10) Be the 6th member of DBSK.
11) Take long bus rides with Jonghyun.
12) Go shopping with Key.
13) Have a mini-soccer match with Minho.
14) Attend all K-concerts in SG.
15) Travel to Bangkok or anywhere but here in December
16) Travel to Bangkok for the next DBSK concert AINT GONNA HAPPEN GURL
17) Get a flash and a bag.
18) Develop films from Holga.
19) Attend acoustic sessions.
20) Buy more dresses.
21) Study icon tutorials.
22) Pass Physics, Chemistry and Biology. PASSED ALL EXCEPT CHEMISTRY HEHE
23) Have early nights.
24) Celebrate my birthday every year extravagantly lolwut. (notice 24 24 24 24)
25) Attend FT Island SG Fanmeet in Jan 2010 NO $$$!
26) Attend The Killers, Green Day, Paramore and whoever's concert in 2010
27) Tohoshinki's 29th single, Break Out, #1 in Oricon YES! ON 27TH JAN! :D
28) End off 2009 nicely NICE!
29) Send my jeans to the tailor to be made into a vest
30) Recolor my almost-purple fringe DONE! It's all proper now.
31) Buy lace, enough to make a top
32) Get a new pair of gladiators
33) Buy more basics and jeans
34) Create the awesomest looking fanboard
35) SHINee to notice my existence when I attend their thingy in March
36) Heechul to adopt more kitties and be the Catlady
37) Eli to follow me on Twitter
38) Work work work = $$$
39) Buy FTi's MBC Collection DVD, AADBSK3, SHINee's NIGHT PB
40) Have a conversation with Key
41) Update Flickr religiously
42) Get a new watch because mine's old and stinks hehe
43) DBSK to settle their lawsuit. End it and get an answer or something.
44) Take up Korean language course after graduation
45) Get an e-penpal
46) JYJ to hold Asia tours
48) Get a macbook
49) Go for a manicure
50) Buy an iPhone like after graduation or something.
51) Get at least 3 pairs of Birkenstock total. Florida, Ibiza, Pisa.
52) Get a pair of capris
53) Collect more rings and pimp em like T.O.P - ARMOR RING: DONE! :D
54) Learn film photography
55) Attend UKISS's concert when they're back in SG
56) Get Eli to fuckin follow me on twitter
57) Hug Eli. ;_;
58) Get a hug from a tall muscular dude lmao
59) Get good seats for B2ST's showcase It was okay~~
60) Buy JYJ's album when it's out
61) Get a damn haircut. My ends be splittin' HEHE IT'S SHORT YO.
62) Da joker to notice my existence during their stay here in SG HOHO YES HE DID I LEGIT SPOKE TO HIM DURING FANSIGN HOKAY.
63) Eye contact with Lee Jonghyun
63) SHINee's full album LUCIFER~~
64) Year 2 GPA: 3.0
65) Omona meetup
66) Hongki to get Twitter he'll be tweetin with the AB gang!
67) Get a boy to notice me
68) Eat a tub of ice cream in a cinema theater.
69) Buy matte nail polish
70) Sleep early
71) Lee Jonghyun to notice my existence NO. :( I didn't get a chance to be called up on stage during the showcase nor got a ticket for the fansign. Sigh.
72) Take a picchur with a k-idol
73) Buy my family macDs for dinner 1 day
74) Meet my t-list/f-list
75) Get rid of the annoying ppl in the world
76) Score a GPA of 3.0 this current semster
77) Have coffee with JH
78) Buy a pair of DocMartens: 8eye in Green/Maroon.
79) Changmin and Yunho to attend A-Nation
80) CNBlue members to get individual Twitter accounts
81) Gain and Kwon to get married and dating for realllz


Now...You think SNSD can grant me my wishes or stuffs on the list?
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LOUISE: JUNSUloveminor on February 3rd, 2010 12:45 pm (UTC)

btw, you need to update this list. heh :))
PSYDUGHshiddex on February 3rd, 2010 02:42 pm (UTC)
lol ikr. i havent been doing so in 2010. will do it soooon! ^^
Beckearthequality on July 29th, 2010 10:52 pm (UTC)
1. SEND HIM A CHALLENGE. Junsu is religiously competitive, there is only a 40% chance of him saving no. Though if you set it up as a Charity match that goes down to 20%.
21. We can do this together, otherwise I procrastinate and become bored.
44. I'm going to start taking Korean either later this year or the beginning of next, so I demand we start at the same time and practice with each other.