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02 March 2010 @ 01:57 am


"Jang Wooyoung said straight up to his fans “Park Jaebum isn’t even coming back so why are you wasting your time doing this?” and he also said “Why would I feel sympathetic towards that Park Jaebum fucker?” He said all of this in front of the fans.

Kwon couldn’t stand it so he took him to an ice cream cafe and told him that he shouldn’t live like that. Wooyoung just said okay and asked him to buy him ice cream.

Wooyoung was even the little fucker that skipped his way home from the JYP building to his dorm because he got more lines to sing."

Source: ~*~*~*~SAESANG FANS~*~*~*~

hehehehehheheheheeh wutever buy me an icecream hyung~ ily nickhun for doing tt awesome macro.
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