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12 March 2010 @ 01:35 am
I paid $8 for pantyliner.  
(locked who knws she's lurking) I JUST NEEDA RANT.

Earlier today, my friend, from primary school, like 10 years ago gave me a call. I was just close to her in Pri 4(10yrsold) only and after that we were seperated and went to different classes. I swear I hadn't seen nor talk to her in years.

So, she said, "Haiii....XXX here. Anyway, I'm wondering if I can go over to your house in about 15-30mins time? I'm doing business on women hygiene and healthcare. Blablabla."

I just said, "Okay sure."

So....she came and I was alone at home (my mom was mad that I kinda invited a ~stranger~ over) It was pretty awkward till I got her a drink and she began taking out her products and files and did a demo blablabla. Yadayadayada it was pretty good and it 's with this nano technology idek.

Then, she took out this Cashflow Quadrant(??) paper thingy which shows how much you'll get as a distributor blablabla and if you ask your friends or relatives or whoever to sign up with you and you'll get alot of money blablabla. You'll get 10% of whatever your friend sold and stuffs and you can earn up to USD100++ from the 1st round of sales and stuff.

So after all the maths and explaining, she took out this form and asked me to fill it up and. So by filling up the form, you'd become a distributor, pay $118 and the stock would be passed over to you and you can start selling them, let yr friends know abt this product and psycho them to be a distributor too to earn $$. It was basically, own time own target.

I told her, "Ummm, I don't think I'm interested to do this. I mean...I never liked doing business." Then she kept saying how who knows along the way you decide to pursue business then you can just sell em pads blablabla or if you don't wanna sell, you can just use it. So, nothing's wasted. (erghhhh hello my $$$?)

She was really persistent. She kept repeating herself and I just nodded to everything. In my mind, I was like..."Don't....get....brainwashed...don't...." She even took my hand and handed me the pen. :/ I was pretty..shocked and a lil mad. :/

So after like, 3-4 times of saying, "Sorry, I really don't wanna do this. I'm more of a user than a seller. Maybe I can just buy it from you?" She kinda...fumed for a sec and took out a packet of pantyliners, day & night pads. She said it was all $22. Andddddd wtf why the hell would I spend $22 on napkins!?

I told her I had $10, so she asked me to buy the pantyliner for $8. So....I did. I mean, I had to. And...it got awkward for awhile. My mom called home for a mo. When I put down the phone, she was like.."Was that your mom? Is she coming home soon? Maybe I can also show her the products." I'm like...WTF NO GIRL GTFO LIKE GKJDGHDF!!

GOSHHH. I'm pretty....freaked out with all these sales gimmick and stuff. And with that $8...I could've saved for..idk..bus fare or macDees or something. At night, she called home to get my handphone number. She asked, "Ohh btw, is your mom home already? Maybe I can come over in abt 15mins?" "Sorry, my parents don't allow visitors after 9pm."

HELP. /endofrant

sighhh idk what to do. but my sister and mom gave me a few excuses and lies in case she calls me up and asks if im interested blablabla. GOSHHHH why must this kinda thing exist?! stupid sales gimmick thingy. grr.

(x-posted to Omona Lounge hahaha i just needa rant. really. shinee better keep me distracted. PLUS PLUS i should really use that pack of pantyliner well. DUDE. it has nano technology and other cool gadgets.
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